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Townhouse Dublin Special Guest 2013

On Tuesday the 24th September 2013 The Townhouse Dublin proprietor, Muriel O’Connor, was proud to welcome a very Special Guest, 91 year old Sheila Dooner returned to the Georgian built Townhouse Dublin where she had lived and played as a child during the embryotic stages of The Irish Republic.


Sheila Dooner had lived on the second floor of 46 Gardiner Street, and she had mixed memories of happiness while also remembering the difficulties that many families faced during the depression of the 1920s.

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Sheila was joined on her visit to The Townhouse Dublin by her two wonderful daughters who were delighted that their Mother was able to visit her childhood home.

Sheila delighted everyone with her story of how visitors to Number 46 Gardiner Street Dublin in the 1920s would use the large brass door knocker to indicate which floor of the building they wished to visit, for example, if someone wanted to visit the first floor, they would bang the large brass knocker once against its hardwood door frame, and the bang of the large knocker would echo through the large empty corridors and stairways to alert the families on the first floor.


On Wednesday 25th September 2013 Sheila Dooner and her family Gathered for a unique family reunion, and there is no doubt that Sheila will thrill her entire family with her memories of number 46 Gardiner Street in the 1920s.

The Townhouse Dublin was honoured that Sheila Dooner took the time to visit her ancestral home, and Muriel O’Connor in particular was thrilled to hear yet another chapter in the history of Dublin’s historic Townhouse.